Community-based Native and African American Archaeology – Field School 2013, Setauket, Long Island, New York

Field School based in Setauket, Long Island from June 17, 2013 – July 11, 2013 with Dr. Christopher N. Matthews, Montclair State University and Bradley Phillippi, M.A., Northwestern University.

Project Description:

Montclair State University in collaboration with Higher Ground Intercultural and Heritage Association, a community-based cultural organization, are researching the history and archaeology of the mixed heritage Native and African American community in Setauket, Long Island, New York. Entitled “A Long Time Coming,” this collaborative project is now entering its fifth year of research.
During Summer 2013, Montclair State University is offering the opportunity to work with ALTC project directors in an historical archaeological field school from June 17-July 11, 2013. Field school participants will contribute to three ongoing research projects. These include excavations at the Jacob and Hannah Hart site, a late 19th-century home associated with one of the community’s most well known and highly regarded families, as well as excavations at the Thompson House site, a locally prominent 18th-century farmstead. In both cases the fieldwork seeks to collect data on the early history and development of Setauket’s Native and African American community in the contexts of both slavery and freedom. The third project is a community-based historical study of Setauket’s BethelAME Church, which was founded by community members in 1845 and remains a vital community institution. This project will draw on archival and oral history research.

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