Summer Field School at Songo Mnara in Tanzania through Rice University




Two courses will be taught for a total of six hours Rice credit:

Anth 364: African Archaeology Field Techniques (3 hours)
This course offers field instruction in methods used in archaeology generally and East African coastal archaeology in particular. It emphasizes practical instruction in excavation and data collection techniques, as well as recording methods, including drawing and site photography.

Anth 370: Archaeological Laboratory Techniques and Analysis (3 hours)
The techniques of processing, recording, and conserving archaeological materials recovered from excavation, and their preliminary analysis, are emphasized in this course. This will include the identification of imported materials from Middle and Far Eastern locations, as well as analysis of locally produced artifacts such as ceramics and iron.


The Field School will run from June 24th to August 5th.

The first week includes an orientation in at the University of Dar es Salaam, with introductory lectures by faculty there, a tour of the National Museum of Tanzania and an artifact overview with museum collections.

Weeks 2 through 6 will involve archaeological research at the site, including:

  • » Total Station survey, mapping architecture, site boundaries, topography
  • » Geophysical/remote sensing surveys
  • » Shovel-test excavations/survey
  • » Excavations in houses and central area
  • » Laboratory research: artifact processing and identification; ceramic analysis

In general, field work will run from Sunday through Friday, with Saturdays off. On days off, we will plan field trips to other archaeological sites in the area, like Kilwa Kisiwani and Sanje ya Kati, or simply spend the day in the nearest town, Kilwa Masoko.

For more information see:


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