Lecture at NYU tonight – 2/21/13, 6:30pm

Thursday February 21, 2013:
Bettina Arnold, Professor of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin,
Milwaukee Haupt Lecture: Lake Dwelling Fever: 150 Years of Exploring
Neolithic and Bronze Age Switzerland

Location: NYU Department of Anthropology, Kriser Room theater, 25 Waverly
Place (NW corner of Waverly and Greene Sts, co-Sponsored by the Anthropology
Department, NYU)
Time: Lecture at 6:30 p.m., reception to follow.

The largely unsystematic retrieval of thousands of objects from wetland
sites in Switzerland between the 1850s & the beginning of the First World
War was accompanied by the sale and exchange of a significant percentage of
this archaeology patrimony, much of which ended up in museums and
collections outside Switzerland.  The mid-19th century discovery of
amazingly well-preserved organic material in Neolithic Lake Dwelling sites
in Switzerland set off a feeding frenzy among museums worldwide, all of
which were interested in obtaining specimens for their own collections.
This talk will present te story of the Robenhausen diaspora as a proxy for a
period in the US museum collecting during which ties to Europe were still
strong, interest in European prehistory was high and World War I was on the
distant horizon.


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