Inca´s Pachacamac Fieldschool 2013

The Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, one of the best universities in South America, and The Pachacamac Valley Archaeological Project with 22 years’ experience in excavations and surveys on the central coast of Peru are pleased to offer
the program: “Inca´s Pachacamac Fieldschool”. This is an exceptional 4-week Archaeological Field School Program at the most important prehispanic sanctuary in the andean coast, situated in the Lurin Valley, very close to the Pacific ocean,

The project, under the direction of Dr. Krzysztof Makowski, seeks to contribute significantly to the understanding of the central coastal prehistory, especially in late prehispanic times. The main object this year is to retake the problem of the
chronology and modalities of the Inca presence in the sanctuary, for that reason we will concentrate our research in the base of the Sun Pyramid. The pioneers of Peruvian archeology, Max Uhle, William D. Strong and John M. Corbett were the ones
that excavated this pyramid for the first time.

Here, the students will learn excavation techniques and to recover materials; also will learn to analyze, register, catalogue and store materials in the laboratory. As part of the program we will visit Lima city, archaeological museums and the
students will have the option of participate in sports activities if they want to.

We are going to stay at a family house in Pulpos seaside town. This is a beautiful place, characterized by its friendly people and nice weather all year round. The house is a functional space for laboratory work, of course spare time is important
and the pool should be the perfect place for that. This seaside town is located within the city of Lima, Peru´s capital, a cosmopolitan city full of archaeological and historical treasures, which will meet as part of the program.

Come, join us and have the experience of being a real archaeologist in the land of the Incas.


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