Beman Triangle Field School, Wesleyan University

The field school will excavate at a nineteenth century free African American community on the Wesleyan University campus, known as the Beman Triangle. The 5-acre triangle of land was laid out by Leverett C. Beman (1810-1883) in 1847. The neighborhood is the first known residential subdivision in Connecticut to have been laid out by a free black man for black homeowners. The project will be using archaeology to investigate the ways in which domestic life was related to the political lives of the community. Excavations in summer 2013 will form part of a long-term project bringing together archaeological research with literary history.

As part of Wesleyan summer session, students may also combine the field school with another course offered on the Wesleyan campus during summer session, including offerings in history and English.

Details of Wesleyan Summer Session, including registration details, can be found here:
Further details about the Beman Triangle Project can be found here:

Anyone with questions or who wants further information should contact Sarah Croucher:<>


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