Job opening at Cottonwood Gulch Foundation

Archaeologist Posting

The Cottonwood Gulch Foundation sponsors educational wilderness expeditions and outdoor programs in the American Southwest that promote personal growth, scientific, historic, and cultural discovery as well as a knowledgeable environmental ethic among all those who participate.


The Archaeologist is a member of the Base Camp staff and lives full time through the summer season at Cottonwood Gulch, our base camp and nature preserve near Thoreau, NM.


The Archaeology Program – Main Duties


The Archaeologist directs the Foundation’s archaeology program from the Museum and the Arch Field Lab at Cottonwood Gulch’s base camp. The program is centered on each Trekker completing or contributing to a hands-on project and learning the skills, introductory knowledge base, and sensibilities of Southwestern archaeology in the process.

The Archaeologist will also be called on to lead interpretive hikes, or archaeology field trips, on Gulch property and in the surrounding areas. Chaco Canyon, Chaco outlier sites in the Las Tuces valley, Bandelier, and El Morro are all potential sites to visit. These may or may not include overnight camping trips away from base camp, based on the archaeologist’s interest and the program’s needs.  The archaeologist has a unique opportunity to inspire students toward this field of study.


INTERESTED APPLICANTS SHOULD GO TO; for more information and to obtain an application.  Applications will be reviewed starting in February but the position will remain open until the position is filled.


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