Prof. Yannis Hamilakis Thursday April 18, 6pm

CCA seminar – Prof. Yannis Hamilakis
When: Thu, April 18, 6pm – 7pm
Where: 951 Schermerhorn Ext.
Description”Archaeology and the Senses: Things, Affects, and Flows” Yannis Hamilakis is Professor of Archaeology at Southampton University, UK. He is currently on a Visiting Fellowship at Princeton University. His research interests are the archaeology of the body and of bodily senses, the archaeology of eating and drinking, social zooarchaeology, the socio-politics of the past, archaeology and nationalism, archaeological ethnography, archaeology and photography, and critical pedagogy in archaeology. His recent fieldwork: the Koutroulou Magoula Archaeology and Archaeological Ethnography Project, which centers around the excavation of an important Middle Neolithic tell site in Greece. He has published eleven books and around 130 articles, including “The Nation and its Ruins” (Oxford University Press), which won the Edmund Keeley Book Prize in 2009. In this seminar, he will discuss his new book, “Archaeology and the Senses” (Cambridge University Press).

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