Osteology and Roman Ceramic Course

Study Medieval Human Bones and Roman Ceramics on the Slopes of Mt Vesuvius

Call for participants – Winter one and two-week courses offered in the areas of human osteology and ceramic analysis.
The Apolline Project is an open research network, which sheds light on the hitherto neglected past of the area to the north of Mt. Vesuvius, in the Bay of Naples. The project has run actively since 2004 and has several components, with current major work focusing on a Medieval church and a Roman villa with baths buried by the volcanoclastic debris of Vesuvius.
The Apolline Project is now accepting applications for its intensive winter lab courses. Selected participants may have the opportunity to spend additional time before and after their chosen program(s) at the project’s accommodations at no additional charge in order to better explore the region.
For further information, including individual course descriptions, please visit:

POTTERY LAB: http://www.apollineproject.org/labs.html

We would be very grateful if professors would be so kind as to forward this message to the relevant university mailing lists and to students who might be interested in participating.
If your institution is interested in joining the research network (we have permission to work and study other sites), please send us a message at info@apollineproject.org.
Many thanks,
Amanda James
Osteoarchaeologist, Apolline Project
Vincenzo Castaldo
Ceramic Analyst, Apolline Project

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