Prof. Douglass Bailey seminar on Art/Archaeology. Monday Feb. 9., 5pm.

Prof. Douglass Bailey (San Francisco State University) – “Art/Archaeology: looking beyond description, explanation and interpretation”.

Monday, February 9, 5pm6.30pm
951 Schermerhorn Ext., Columbia University

In this seminar, Professor Doug Bailey proposes that we leave behind the standard treatment of archaeological objects (both “artistic” and other) and venture into more challenging territory, beyond the boundaries of both archaeology and art history and art practice. How should we shape and present our renditions of the past? What happens if we disarticulate artefacts, sites, and traces from our traditional drive towards explanation and interpretation? Doug illustrates this proposition with examples from his work on Neolithic figurines, the human body as human essence, prehistoric architecture, and the socio-politics of archaeology in Eastern Europe.


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