Call for papers: Ancient Cultures in the Lands of the Bible

The scientific committee of the conference invites participants to submit abstracts on the topics outlined in the accompanying list presented on this web site. Additional subjects related to the main topics of the conference are also welcome.

Abstracts (in English) for individual paper presentations or symposiums should not exceed 200–300 words and must include the name of the presenter, his/her affiliation and the type of presentation (paper or symposium). Proposed posters can be submitted as text or PDF file. A short biography or C.V. can be added together with the abstract in a separate file.


Questions concerning the conference or abstract submission can be addressed to our main office:


 Please submit your abstract directly to the scientific committee by


Submit to Sapient Journal

Sapient, The Undergraduate Journal of Biological Anthropology is looking for new submissions.

If you are proud of your academic work and would like to have it published, don’t hesitate to send it to the following address:

They are currently accepting any undergraduate papers, illustrations, and photographs that meet the following requirements:

  • Max 15 pages/4000 words
  • About one of these categories:
    • Human Genetics and Variation
    • Evolutionary History and Theory
    • Primate Behavior and Ecology
    • Paleoarchaeology and morphology

Submissions are due no later than November 10th

For more information visit:

Check out Archaeologists Anonymous!

The Archaeologists Anonymous project team yesterday announced a new question. We had a great response to ‘hopes and fears’ but we’ve always planned to periodically change the question. So, after discussions following our SHA 2013 session (see Kristina Foxton’s excellent review on the tumblr blog) we are picking up on a theme that has emerged from some of the responses to the project:

What is, or is not, ‘real archaeology’?

So, please do buy a postcard, adapt the image if you wish and post it to us anonymously. The postcards can be written in any language. All postcards will be displayed on the blog but we ask that as a condition of your own anonymity, that you do not personally identify any individual person or project.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Love Archaeology Magazine Issue 3

From the Love Archaeology Magazine Team:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We humbly present to you Love Archaeology Magazine Issue 3: Myths and Monsters. Now that Planet Earth has survived another Apocalypse, it’s time to reflect on the stories and legends we tell ourselves to get through times like these. This time, we are all about immaterial culture, as we explore the archaeology of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, Pratchett’s Discworld, the works of H. P. Lovecraft, the virtual material culture of Skyrim and the subculture of LARPing. Also in this issue: reflections on 2012, apocalyptic and otherwise; Bouncy Stonehenge; plus the usual news, reviews, interviews and trenchside tales.

Love Archaeology Magazine is a free biannual online publication produced by University of Glasgow postgrads and postdocs.

Read, enjoy, share.


The LoveArchMag Team